[CLOSED] ATC @ KMIA (Miami Int'l) TS 1 (Global)

Ground/tower ATC will be open for at least an hour. Have fun!


ATC is now closed after 2 hours! Thanks for all who turned out – sorry about the brief lost connection during a rather busy period.

Open again at KLAS (Las Vegas!) for tower and ground frequencies on TS1! Come gamble away your life savings!


Hey man, you’re doing a great job controlling!

Thanks, I was 90% expecting that guy to crash since he requested landing 35000 feet over the airport going 450kt. :)

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Welp, that’s TS1 for ya!

ATC is now closed - thanks for the people that showed up - sorry for the people that might still have been inbound for Vegas (have to go now, its been fun!).

Delkana’s “Gamble Around the World” tour continues in exotic Macau (VMMC). Experience Macau’s unique airport design as aircraft must taxi out onto a narrow runway artificially constructed offshore.

Tower and ground ATC are now open on the TS1 server for VMMC.

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Thanks to those that showed up – good night! ATC is now closed.

Tower and ground ATC now open at Vancouver (CYVR) on TS1! Look forward to seeing you here!

ATC for Vancouver is closed. Thanks everyone!

Ground/tower ATC is now open for KSTL (St. Louis!). Looking to train up prior to a potential IFATC practical exam.

I’m pretty sure 90% of the people taking off right now have declared they were remaining in the pattern when in fact they were departing my airspace. :(

Ground/tower ATC closed at KSTL! Thank you to those few of you that showed up! :)

Ground/tower ATC now open at Miami. Edit: Closed after 2 hours - thanks!

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