(Closed) ATC @ KLGA TS1

I’ll be doing some practicing on my controlling skills at KLGA, mirroring the IFATC region of choice. If you’re interested hop on down for whatever you wish. Just remember to follow instructions.


I’d appreciate feedback if possible :)

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The winds are way too crazy there… but I’ll see if I can stop by :)


I’ve just received word that NetJets VA is headed your way :-)


Hope you can handle my pilot skills. 😉


I do apologize but thirty minutes is all I could remain open for. Thank you for giving me a chance to test out some rusty skills haha especially from the IFATC who attended.
Again, feedback would be appreciated. Have a great day everyone. Although I will be controlling more often just for fun so keep an eye out for these little active ATC threads. I’ll be around.

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