[Closed] ATC @ KLGA (Training Server 1)

Come to LaGuardia Airport at Training Server. I am ATC there. Feedback would be appreciated.

Callsign Croatia 1

  1. You cleared me for take off before I request take off. Whait for take off request, becase pilot will say his intentions, departure or remain in the pattern.
  2. Aproved me freq change, but I ask you pattern work
  3. When I was on right downwind you request left 360, it will be much better just to sequence me or ask me to extend downwind.
  4. You never sequence me or other pilots. For ex. Croatia 1, nbr 2, traffic to folow is on left downwind. And then Croatia 1, nbr 2, clear for the option.
  5. I report position with touch and go, you cleared me for landing. Three times. You should clear me for the option.
    Hope this will help.

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