[Closed] ATC @ KLGA - PG

Hey guys come test out my ATC skills at KLGA on PG! Pattern Work accepted!
Also @Skylines, @g100m and @JeebakR is there to help me out! Thank you


coming right now

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Alright so i was a bit rusty but i still know what you need to work on here we go

  1. Do not say Rodger when someone says on final for touch and go or something along those lines you respond by clearing them for the option or if they are landing then clear them for full stop
    2.Your slow on commands you told me to enter downwind when I was already in the downwind
    3.If we are already in the pattern no need to tell us to enter downwind or enter right base if you havent told the pilot i will call your base then dont tell them when to turn base
    4.Sequencing I didnt see as much sequencing as i wanted to but it was in there so good on you

overall i give you a 5/10 or 4.5/10


As of the scenario,

Ground: Very impressive work,nothing to improve. You quickly corrected the cross runway command which was perfect.
1)I was impressed with the timing of my departure with another arrival on the intersection runway. I was also impressed with the departure from 31 and the traffic on short final 22. Timing was critical but u nailed it.
2) Touch and go:
is always,clearing for the option. The option includes touch and go,missed approach,stop and go,make a full stop landing and more. Clearing to land is only allowance for a full stop landing which means I would have to stop after landing,use the taxiway to taxi back to the runway and take off. Unfortunately you cleared me to land.
3) Sequencing:
All nippon851 missed a sequencing. For all Nippon it would be enter left or right downwind runway 22 no 3 traffic to follow is on right downwind(Qatari).
Regarding sequencing:
Use a pattern entry only when it’s needed. If am taking off from your airport u have assigned me right traffic,so I will enter right downwind,no need to ask me to enter base,just sequence me behind someone.
When someone is inbound from another airport,use a pattern entry,like enter right or left downwind/base etc with a sequence on the same command. Followed by a clearance.
4)Also go around:
is used only when there is a conflict. When someone enters the runway,or previous arrival hasn’t yet exited the runway or someone crossing the runway. For missed approach,just sequence and clear.
5)Use exit runway command only when aircraft has reduced speed below 80 knots or so, on the runway, not on short final.
6)Qatari cut in front of me,which u dealt in an impressive manner. Just avoid using too much Rogers. Rest is perfect.

Overall I give u 6.5 out of 10 and 1-2 weeks of more practice. Concentrate on sequencing,clearing and maybe more traffic on ground to test your ground attentiveness. Good work!

Thank you guys for helping me out! I learned a lot today from you. I also got a few things to clear me out from @Skylines. I will focus more on ATC for now than to fly.


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