[Closed] ATC @ KJFK

Come join me at KJFK now to test my ATC skills! Thanks for coming!
Pattern Work Accepted
On playground!

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Yep playground.

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I would, but my live subscription ran out :(

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I am coming along with @Paul_petropoulos ;)

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Feedback from paul

  • No pattern entry for runway change
  • No sequence
  • Not good to have me doing patterns on 22R and you on 13L. Because you where making left traffic and I right.

Feedback from myself

  • No sequencing
  • Incorrect clearance number
  • Late Exit runway command
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Ok. There was at least 2 pilots that did not listen to my commands. Who ever was in the Southwest 737 should’ve of listened to me. I told him cancel take off clearance due to a plane landing on 13R and a plane on 22R which took off without permission. The Southwest and the plane that took off nearly crashed. So who ever was in the Southwest 737 please follow instructions.

Hey, thanks for hosting this ATC session ^^

I was KY0102, im not sure if this itself is something that can be corrected but i’ll put this here and i can be corrected if im wrong.

So after taking off, i was at right crosswind going into right downwind, you gave me a number 1 cleared for the option for 13R followed by enter right base. I was still in the midst of turning right crosswind into downwind.

After my touch and go, i called inbound for landing and you gave me number 1 cleared to land at 13R. But while downwind, you cleared DG37 (if i remembered correctly) number 1 to land on 13R, usually i’ll let the first aircraft know his now number 2. Im not sure if thats how it should work but i was only issued a number 1 cleared to land and now theres another aircraft taking my place.

If what im saying is not the way it should be done, i’ll be glad to be corrected ^^ but while i was flying these were certain things that felt off for me. Otherwise, thanks again for hosting this session =D

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