[CLOSED] ATC @ KJFK on training server 1

Hello, I will be active at one of my favourite airports, JFK for atleast half an hour probably longer on training server 1. I will be controlling ground and tower. I havent been ATC in a few weeks, so forgive me. I will be as professional as i can as I am aiming to be IFATC one day! All feedback is appreciated, thanks.
Feedback Appreciated!


Im already on the way. ;)

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Coming in as Delta 635, B737 .

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Yeah doing some touch and go . Im Delta 795

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I’m going to try a Canarsie approach for 13L

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Gonna do the same thing as @Joseph_Spinner however it’ll likely end up as me cutting the turn too late and stalling because of the sharp late turn and plummeting into the ground


Right behnd you @RTG113 😂

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How close are you to him? Expect a right 360

I reduced my speed so much to avoid a collision 😂

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Hence why I told delta to make a 360, I told him to a right 360 because the guy on his left was making a 360 because he was close to the guy behind you hence why I told delta to make a right 360, but that would make a fatal collision with you so I told him to make a left 360 hoping the other guy wouldn’t collide either. I didn’t really know what to do as I was literaly panicking.

Lol it’s alright. I should’ve increased my rate of descent so he could’ve flown over me, that’s why I said I was sorry.

It’s OK, (I’ve ran out of likes, sorry)

Feedback from Croatia 1

  1. You don’t need to give pattern instruction after every t&g, when you give take off clearance ( make right traffic) is enough, then I will follow right traffic every time.
  2. Don’t need to give pattern instruction with every clearence for option, same as above, I will follow right traffic.
  3. Avoid “I will call your base”, sequence is enough
  4. Both 360 given to me was unnecessary, there was 4NM distance between me and aircraft ahead, and you didn’t have any departure aircraft.

So, sequence and clearance for option.
Croatia 1, nbr 3, traffic to follow is on right downwind.
Croatia 1, rnw 13R, cleared for option

Hope this will help

Thanks, I’m sorry I’m just very used to saying number 3 traffic to follow is on blah blah after every time an aircaft takes off again. I didn’t realise there was that much space between you and the other aircaft, judging by the information my map was giving me, it looked as if you were about to collide with the other aircaft hence the 360. I said I’ll call your base so you keep on the downwind until on the localiser. Thanks for the feedback :)

Need some things to work on:

•**Spacing on approach:**Way to much separation with aircraft, they where like 5 or 6 miles apart when you can put them at least 1 mile apart (safety distance)
like this

(Imagine the aircraft holding short is landing)

Not like this:

The rest was already stated by @Bare

Hope this helps!


I think I’m much better at ground, (in my opinion) but I don’t like ground that much because really all there is to say is- pushback approved, expect runway, taxi to runway, those are the main commands and the others are just give way to aircaft blah blah hold short of runway blah blah I prefer tower but I have yet to improve on pattern work.

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