<Closed> ATC @ KFRG (New York Region) (TS1)

Come down to Farmingdale Republic airport on Long Island for some patter work, or you can jet in to here or jet off to anywhere else in the region. It’s a GA airport. The longest runway is 6831 feet so no aircraft larger than a B738/A321 please!

On my way, PH-ADZ.

Hope Decathlon is ok

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Citation on the way!

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Thanks for the Service! Great!

Just remember that aircrafts already in a pattern, don’t need a new pattern instruction, unless you want to direct them to a new runway.
Instead, just clear for the option, or send a sequence number.

Any questions, send me a Message.

Thanks again!

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ATC is now closed, thank you to everyone (except the guy who toke off a B787 on the inactive runway when I kept telling him his plane is too big) for coming out!


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