[Closed] ATC @ KFLL TS1

I will be controlling Ground and Tower for the next hour. Thank you if you join. Limit the heavies please and no A380’s or military aircraft.

Coming in as SWA562Y B737 Southwest Airlines 2014 Livery

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So ATC was cool, very nice controlling however some mistakes:

•When I said “Left downwind runway 10L touch and go” you said “Roger” and also should have cleared me like “Number 1 cleared for the option,after the option make left traffic”

•There was that Delta in the runway, instead of making it hold its position you could let it go because we had space, but by holding it I almost had a go arround.

•When I landed you forgot the “Exit runway when able,contact ground when off the runway”

Did you like my Kai-Tak Approach style while doing patterns?

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Thanks @TheNorthernAviatorz. I will fix my mistakes next time.

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