[Closed] ATC @ KFLL on TS1

This is my second community ATC practice. As the title says, it is at KFLL (Fort Lauderdale) in the Florida Region.

Feel free to bring your friends. I plan to be open for at least an hour. Feedback is greatly appreciated afterwards! :)

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Ok I think I will come. I will be air force 68. BTW im new to live ive used to have live back when we only had unicoms

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Alright, that’s completely fine! Just be sure to radio in.

Thanks for the ATC have a great night, I could do more but I got mid-terms to study for.

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Hi, sorry I had to quit immediately.

I’m going to be honest. But first a question: Why are you using 28 for takeoff and than landing them on 10?

Since this airport does not operate like Aspen or places like Paulo Tioman you should never do this.

It turns into an incursion. Learns this please :)

I recommended you taking a few tutorials.

Thanks for the feedback. I think you may be under the assumption that there were only two runways, 10, and 28. When in fact there were technically 4. 28L/R, and 10L/R. They weee parallel. Since I was using 28R for takeoff heading west, and landing from the east, and 10R for vice versa, there would be no incursions. I did this for several reasons.

1: It is TS1, a lot of pilots will be uncompliant to use a runway that is not “already in their flight plan.” So when there are parallel runways, and they’re all green, you might as well make one for each opposite direction.

2: There were several aircraft, including yours, that would’ve had to make a long taxi to any other runway. In the case of a pattern, I usually had them make right traffic and loop around as right downwind for 10R, or gave them direct left downwind after takeoff.

But like I said, I really appreciate the feedback, and you taking your time out of your day to come fly for me. :)

Great job again! I appreciate your instructions and like it when you call base. Good job sequencing the traffic as well. The opposite traffic didn’t appear to me to cause any trouble. You kept pattern traffic away from outbound, so … no problem. I appreciate your efforts! Take the test and get on Expert!

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I am planning to have a couple more of these sessions, and one more scouting. Then I will apply. :)

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Make sure to post when you are open and if available i’ll be there!

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Regarding traffic flow, you land and takeoff into a head wind. The segments below need to be second nature. Left/Right Crosswind/Downwind/Base are determined by the direction of turns needed. For example, if you’re on base, and need to make one 90 degree turn to the right to land, that’s Right Base. Most people get confused, because Right Downwind is actually to the left of the runway. You’ll see that confusion ad nauseum on TS1.

What’s important, though, is that you call the shots. You’ll have plenty of pilots request 10, but if you’re using 28, you get them into the pattern for 28 and clear them for 28. It’s not their call to make as a pilot. They may have made their FP 120 NM ago, but that doesn’t overrule your traffic flow.

On TS1, obviously, you’ll have plenty of pilots who just don’t care, but as ATC, don’t clear them to land into your outbound traffic just because they want to. You’re in control. But pilots shouldn’t be taking off with an inbound landing in their face.


Thanks for the feedback. You make a great point, learning the traffic patterns is a very important part of ATC. In regards to the wind, all runways had a slight crosswind at 3 KTS if I read it correctly. Making them all viable.

As you probably heard, I tried several times to get that pilot to listen. Eventually I cleared him for 28R, because I’d rather him not listen and land on that runway that 28L, with head on traffic.

Oh, I absolutely have no doubt that pilots on TS will do as they please. Can’t blame you there. Just don’t clear them.

If the wind is negligible, then you may use either direction, but never both simultaneously.

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