[Closed] ATC @ KEGE - PG

Come fly in the mountains at Eagle Co Rgnl and be controlled by yours truly. Test my skills and fly this scenic region!


  • Server: Playground
  • Location: Denver region
  • Pattern works: Not accepted
  • Only inbound & departing out aircraft

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Nice to see you here @Hayden_Hutchens :)

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Would possibly be able to help you out, but sadly it’s extremely hard to test one’s skills without pattern work. If you were going to take the ATC Test, it’s going to be mostly pattern work. I’d love to help you out if you’re okay with me doing patterns


I’m not accepting at the moment but a I might make an exception.

It’s not really “test my skills” I’ve done this to mug :) just a bit of fun. Getting people to the other regions…

I’m available right now if you don’t mind. It’s an important skill to have as an Infinite Flight control. The only time to not allow it is for special events or when you have too many arrivals and or departures. But I understand what you’re doing. That’s awesome

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Just come along now I’m not on for much longer so I’ll let one pattern work.

About another 10 minutes until closing

Sorry about the 2 go-around a lol

You’re right, just wondered what was wrong ha ha

Yeah, no problem! Only thing was I was asked to line up and wait runway 07 when a delta aircraft was coming in to land the opposite direction on 25. In reality, he probably could have landed and stopped safely before he reached me at the end of the runway, holding in position for take off. In real life, ATC has to have the runway cleared before an aircraft can land. There can’t be another airplane in position to hold for take off in the opposite direction…because what if the delta guy was too fast and floated down the runway and didn’t stop in time. He’d crash right in to me. The best thing to do would have been to have me just hold short till he lands and clears the runway. Anyway, it was fun! I like flying in regions other than southern Cali!

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The problem was he announced go around. So I was planning to land him.

Awesome work Oli. That’s some spot on controlling. Perfect entry command for Corporate 579. Your controlling is better then my landing. My only question is why Hayden was on the 07 end of the runway when traffic was flowing on the 25 end?

Have you tried to land runway 07? Ha ha. Anyway I did that because of the grounded aircraft so they could have an easier takeoff instead of a hard crosswind.

I just kept it one direction until it changed conditions.

But thanks guys for coming!

Ah. Wind changed on you?

Yeah I was the delta 757 lol. When I realized that you were on the runway and I was on short final, I called for a go around. Even if I could stop in time (probably not since I was pretty packed with cargo and passengers) I would still call for the go-around because there is only suppose to be one aircraft on the runway at a time 🙂 @Zachary_Meir_Tish

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I get that, but why was Hayden on the 07 side in the first place. You did the right thing by going around. That’s a runway insertion

You should try do do pattern work at KEGE lol, it was a bloody nightmare 😂. Red and yellow terrain warnings in front and all around you. When you asked me to descend to pattern altitude I descended about 500 feet (because of how low I already was) and there was a red right in front of me so I just stayed at 8000 feet until my turn for final. The turn was a lot of fun aside from the fact that there is a little mountain along the ils approach (which I was really close to) so I worried a little if I was going to crash into it. The landing went well and I stopped in time but besides all that, it was a great flight!!

Yeah, I wouldn’t have lined up if I knew you were on final for 25. Thanks for going around! Lol I’m not being negative about anyone. I always say, in aviation, the day you stop learning is the day you should stop flying.

I was asked to line up and wait 07

Hayden, did you request to taxi to 07 or were you instructed. If you were instructed to, were the winds in favor of that runway at the time?
Benny, you were technically at pattern altitude at 8,000 feet, because 3,000 above the airport is usually the highest for pattern altitude, and the usual altitude for the ILS Intercept. KEGE is about 6,000 ft

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Totally agree with you but, I would have called go-around anyway even if you were lined up like you were (I mean that’s why the announce go-around button is there lol. What annoys is that stuff like this happens all the time on playground and pilots hesitate to go-around because it will kill another 5 min of their time instead l killing around 300 people when they decide to land lol.

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