(Closed) ATC @ KCGX (Chicago Region) (TS1)

Come on down! It’s a beautiful day to fly in the Chicago region. Light winds, and clear blue skies. Jet off to anywhere in the region, fly in to here from anywhere else in the region, or just do some patternwork over the lake! Please don’t come in anything larger than a 737-700/A319.

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On my way I’ll be Cessna 208 N2DV

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This should be in #live:atc
Will be there for a bit. Not long tho as I have things to do.


Thanks for reminding me, just changed it

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Feedback from me =
So you know your sequencing/Patterns very well Good Job to that
Clearing was late usually and you don’t have to say make right traffic every time you clear for the option only when some one is inbound for T&G
I had no Exit runway call make sure you do that
I had a great time and got over 1,000 xp Thank You for your service
Kind Regards,
IFTSATC Rowdy Kepler

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  • Overall well done.

  • When clearing me for the option you don’t need to tell me the direction of traffic I need to make as you have already told me when taking off. The only time you should say this is when you want me to change the direction of the traffic I need to make.

  • Not very important, but I didn’t get a “exit runway when able, contact ground on the taxiway” command. This is something you may have just forgotten!

I’m very sorry for going offline for a bit - I had something I desperately needed to do!

I was G-EJFX/IFC Ewan Fleming

Thanks for the service!


Sorry for that, I had traffic in the air and was also dealing with someone on the ground who wasn’t following instructions. Thanks to both of you though for exiting the runway quickly!


Thank You I had a great time I’m joining back in but I’ll try to be to most of your openings!

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Your forgetting SEQUENCING all your doing is Clearing me number 2 option
I’ll Pm you feedback

I do that when there’s only 1 aircraft ahead of you. When there’s 2, 3, or even 4 planes ahead of you I’ll tell you which one to follow. Like when the fighter jet came in out of nowhere inbound for landing with 2 planes ahead of them, I cleared you for #4, traffic to follow on right downwind

I don’t believe you did
You cleared me number 4 Option

Yes I did, and then I said #4 cleared for the option, traffic to follow is on right downwind

ATC is now closed, after a little over an hour of controlling. Thank you to all who came out! Hoping to control again soon

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