[CLOSED] ATC @ KBCT on Training

Come for some fun at KBCT!
I would appreciate it if you would all come in an A318/737-700 or smaller to make it as realistic as possible.
Pattern work is accepted!
Pattern Altitude: 1000ft
Airport: KBCT
Region: SoFla

ATC will be open for about half an hour from the time of this post, unless told otherwise.

Feedback would be appreciated.


I’m not amazing at ATC but isn’t 1000 feet a little low for a pattern altitude or is that normal - I wouldn’t know

I’m not either and I think at 1000 feet it means a tighter pattern, hence the request for smaller aircraft. Not sure though

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I looked up the info and circuit altitude was 1013ft. The airport never has commercial aircraft fly into it.

Ahh ok thank you and I wish you good luck controlling

The session will be extended until 0015Z.

Yeah makes sense, tighter patterns for small aircraft. It’s 12:56am so I won’t be attending but have fun!

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Session will be extended until 0145Z.

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You need to add one hour to you Zulu time

You did a very good job, however I noticed you cleared me for takeoff before I reached the hold short line (I was N113RG). Doing that at a small airport with little traffic like BCT is fine, but don’t do it at a large airport with lots of traffic. Otherwise, you did great!

For me, You don’t have to say Turn Base unless you say “i’ll call your base”. Other than that, It’s an amazing job (Sorry that I’m not in mood to fly, so I’m abit drunk today)

If you have told someone to extend downwind then you could use it then or if a aircraft was needed to turn base to fit in the pattern. I’m no expert but this is what i thought it could be used for aswell.


Your profile says you are 14 and the legal drinking age in Singapore is 18…

I’m not totally drunk xD, I gets “drunk” when I’m not in mood of flying. Not because of drinking xD

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