I will be controlling EGLL Ground and Tower for one hour in Training Server
Please leave comments and feedback.

Ending 2110 Zulu 26/04/2017

What server? I would like to attend.

Thank, Buddy.

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Be there in 15 or so! Patterns allowed?

Cool. Of course, mate.
Challenge :)

What’s your Account name?

In game it’s Russian

I wasn’t able to stay long but I’d give you an A. Being ATC in the TS1 is a chore. It’s hard trying to learn when pilots don’t listen.

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A few things:

  • Response times. They need to be sped up vastly
  • Immediate TO’s. No need to use for me. There was no-one on base, let alone final. Only use when aircraft are much closer on final (3-5nm). The ATC scouts/trainers can tell you more details
  • SEQUENCING: None was received. "I’ll call your base’ is not a replacement
  • Telling people to contact you on tower; they were not even close to being ready for departure either
  • Runway changes: randomly cleared for 27R and not 27L. No runway change was given (ask ATC people for specifics again. I know there it is more complex than this)
  • Cleared to land and not for the option; remaining in the pattern = cleared for option

Hope to see you controlling again soon (:


Thanks. I have never done any before in that capacity but I though i’d give it a go. There are so many technicalities for me to brush up on.

Thanks for your feedback

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Watch the ATC tutorial videos and read some forum ones. They really help!


I will do. I’m flying around for a few T/D’s now and then I’ll have a gander

Most importantly: SEQEUNCE! It is the holy grail of ATC, yet many do not know if exists. It helps pilots coordinate themselves and also allows you to get them to continue a without clearing for landing.

In my head I know it makes sense but I need much more practice to do better. Practice and understanding

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I didn’t know if it was you so I left. Sorry 😂

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No Worries. My Callsign is ITU93

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