ey its me taynison again. i am gonna do atc at EHAM this time one off my favorite’s airports come and join me.


I’ll drop by now.

I will Come :)

I will join.

The clearance after my runway change was a little late, but overall it was fanstastic service yet again.

why my maintain Best forward speed ? and why did you tell Brickyard 500 to exit and hurry up ? im 11 miles out on base ?

on my go around, would be good for you to say Extend Upwind. If i would turn Crosswind too soon, it could cause conflict with aircraft on Left downwind

i know who im following , no need for speed commands. Save that when your busy and trying to get out departures .

Also, your not sequencing EACH runway separate IME101 is using 27 and me and other Aircraft using 24.

Hi mate, Tom’s right, no need to worry about those speed commands as we can see each other when it’s that quiet, and yes, I (ime101) was doing patterns on 27 whilst the other two were on 24, instead of giving me number 2/3 follow traffic on left downwind I should be cleared number 1 as there is no traffic on rwy27. Same goes for the two aircraft on 24, no need to include me on there pattern commands.

Also the command to exit the runway at the end was almost the second my wheels touched the runway, it’s should be given when I’m at a slow and safe speed to do so. Pilots need no comms whilst landing say they can fully concentrate on the task in hand. Apart from that another pretty good controlling session!

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but i need to sequence you guys because this runway is crossing each other right?

Good job! Thank you.

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ok i so i did it wrong? i thought because the all three guys are on left traffic it will cause problems thats why i did thay

You’d think that would make sense but you need to control the runways individually, if some inbound came in and you send enter left base number 3 for rwy24 they’re going to get confused when they see 1 aircraft on 27 and 1 on 24, they’ll be looking out for this number 2 that doesn’t exist

all Left traffic but for 2 separate runways. ! aircraft just clear for the Option for rwy 27. And Sequence and clear the other 2 aircraft for rwy 24.

ok so i dont need to worry about who they are following because the other guy on the other runway also knows who he needs to follow then?

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but aren’t they gonna crash into eachother then?

He doesn’t need to follow anyone if he’s the only one using that runway, the pilots have enough information on board to see and understand what the other aircraft are doing. If you are concerned about crossing aircraft then command them to use a different runway, you’re ATC, the pilots will follow your commands. If they say unable and two aircraft are approaching simultaneously you need to quickly fix the situation, focus on the largest conflict, send the aircraft around, nothing wrong with that.

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ok thanks for the tip:D

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i am probaly gonna controll soon again:D

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stick with easier airport parallel rwy airport

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