hey guys my name is taynison girigorie and i am gonna controll at EHAM ground and tower. if someone wanna do approach or departure then feel free to do it:). how long i will controll depends on how many people are coming. also pls put your callsign down here in the comment and where you are going to fly. i will start in 15 min

Will come, next time do the post when you are ready to control


yeah i wanna make sure that enough people will come

Ill come along. Air Canada 2016 (A330) Patterns

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nice thnx:)

5 min guys!

ok guys i am starting to controll:)


Good luck :)

IME101 here, Sorry I could’t stay any longer. You did a very good job, sequencing and clearances all spot on and dealt with the transition nicely. Nice one.

You still controlling, what server, might join?

Great ATC, Ipad crashed. One pointer, when me and @AdamCallow were taxiing to rwy 24, you did hold position, then you did give way to aircraft. You should only to give way to aircraft. Thank, great ATC otherwise

Great ATC. I agree with what @Tom-Bonfield. Also you used Immediate takeoff when you should not of.

Next time I would use left traffic for runway 18L.

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I’m Emirates 121

i am stil up but we got some people trolling here

I’m sorry. Confirmed last request approach and app crashed :-/

did you just take your ATC test ,or do i have you mixed up with someone else

no not yet i wanna do it again

and i am closed because people dont listin to my commands really anoying

but i wanna try the test again if that is possible now?

thanks for everyone that did listin to my commands it was a lot off fun and i think that i am ready for the IFATC test:)