[Closed] ATC @ EGKK PG server

Please help me to improve my atc skills,traffic welcome,
@dush19 @Skylines @schyllberg @anon66442947 @StikLover2 @Lare @ChiefPilotLachy


Be there in 20 if your still open

I will be there!

Hey Marcello.
You did great !

Contact a recruiter if you haven’t yet.

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Thank you very much!

Alright I’ll come along.

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  • Wrong pattern instructions for the other pilot. You gave him/her left base. It would work but it’s not necessary. You should have instructed a left downwind.

  • Repeated option clearence after I reported my position. Probably confused you, but I was just letting you know that I was on touch and go.

Apart from that @MarcelloM you did a fantastic job and I’m sure you’ll go through to IFATC. It was worth the session.


Thank you so much for coming and for your feedback!

How whose the second time?

It was amazing !

Enjoyed the session.

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Thank you!!my pleasure!

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Maybe i’ll open again later!

Open again,come if you can!

Comin over…

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Come on guys i need 2 or 3 more planes!!

All good 👍 …

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