[Closed] ATC @ EGKK on TS1. feedback welcomed


Active runway is 26L and will be the only one i am going to use. 08L-26R is going to be used as a taxiway only. DO NOT send any runway crossing requests for 08L-26R.

Wind: 12kts from 300 degrees

Patternwork: Left traffic only.

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wind update: speed increased to 13kts with heading 290

Active runway is still 26L.

26R will NOT be in use.

Wind: from heading 300 degrees 17kts gusting to 29kts

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thanks for joining @MishaCamp

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I had forgotten IF is broken for me on TS1 (no idea why) so I have no flight controlls bar the rudder. Sorry! πŸ˜•

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sounds like its time for a new device for IF

wind update: 18kts gusting to 28kts from heading 310

It’s IF, not my device lol

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thanks for joining @AdamCallow

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I have some feedback, Would you like me to PM or reply here?


your choice @AdamCallow


  • I heard no sequencing for the planes behind me on my first pattern

  • After a plane has landed/ Disappeared there is no need to re-secquence or re-clear

  • Good job on the go around

Overall very good ATC. Any questions free free to PM me

// IFATC Adam Callow

  1. sorry.
  2. thanks, good to know.
  3. thank you very much.

thank you for the feedback.


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