(Closed) ATC @ EGBB TS1

Ground and tower open. Feedback not required, but appreciated :-)


On my way , will do about 3 patterns !

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Will come as Air Baltic 117

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Good performance !

One thing thou, you did tell me to turn base when a aircraft was already on final and the command of “turn base” would of set me up perfectly for a collision course. However you realized your mistake and corrected it , so good job 👍🏼

coming back got interrupted while at work

Just closed, thank you for stopping by. And you should revisit your priorities… work? Lol.


Thank you @Joshua_Fleming for stopping by - yes I will take the blame on that one but… my first command to the traffic on final (he was many miles away) was… #2 behind traffic on left downwind, then I asked him to maintain slowest practical speed - he just didn’t cooperate, he was 8nm out and at 240knots. Still, my fault, I should have noticed there was no room for you as #1 before asking you to turn base - glad I was able to fix in time. Hopefully your passengers didn’t get sick with all the turns :).

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Thank you for stopping by!

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