(Closed) ATC @ EGBB TS1

Come fly!

Server: TS1
Location: EGBB
ATC: Ground & Tower
Start Time: 1530Z (10:30am EST)
Estimated End Time: 1730Z
RWY: 33

Your feedback is appreciated!


I was the City 721. Just one reminder is that you should use the turn base instead of enter base command for the plane in front of me. I think you understand it and just made a mistake so I wouldn’t explain. Good job from what I see, I would ignore pilots that doesn’t follow instruction, just don’t let time waste your time.


Thank you for your feedback, @Hezz. Yes - I know I should say turn base, it was a mistake :). I also know I could have done a better job and resequence you to number 1 as the traffic in front of you was extending the downwind.

It’s hard to ignore the people that don’t follow instructions… I try but… it’s hard!!! I also don’t know if I should send someone doing the right thing go around because a pilot is doing an unauthorized landing on the opposite runaway - what’s the right approach, do you know?

What I would do is when an aircraft just doesn’t follow instructions a few times, I would ignore him. Because it will waste other serious pilot time to cope with that crazy pilot. As it is a training server, you can’t expect everyone to follow the rules but I wouldn’t like other to be affected by that.
But if a pilot, let say call a go around for an airplane on the runway (uninstructed entry), I will respect the pilot as they want to fly realistically and give them a higher priority for the next approach.
This is for training server only, I now have a great scout to help train me to be an IFATC. If you get to expert, none of this will happen. Are you interested in IFATC or do you have a scout already?

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Thank you. Yes I am interested in IFATC - I reached out to Joe, he brought Tom Grollman in but that was over a week ago and I never heard back… they must be busy :). I am sure they’ll get back with me sometime in the near future.

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