[Closed] ATC @ EGBB TS 2

EGBB Tower and Ground active, come stop by !

I like to come but I have to do my homework now😣😭

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I’ll pay you a little visit.

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So we have a 747-8, 787-10 and a 787-9 in the pattern. All of these aircraft are famous for there great pattern work.

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Want me to PM you some feedback?

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@AdamCallow you were supposed to make right traffic.

In fairness to me you didn’t tell me to go right after the option.I fancied going left

I told you after take off to make right traffic, I don’t have to tell you to make right traffic every time.

If you really wanted me to make right traffic then you should say every time.Look I don’t want to argue. I’m sorry

Well you’re not the controller though are you?[quote=“AdamCallow, post:10, topic:70614”]
If you really wanted me to make right traffic then you should say every time.

I’m virtually positive that it’s standard practice to keep making right traffic in this situation, he doesn’t have to tell you everytime.

And no worries, you learn something new everyday ;)

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To weigh in here, you should make the same direction until the controller gives you a new direction or a new pattern entry (runway change).


@Boodz_G I’m sorry if I caused any issues, I thought than unless I was told I could go whichever way I wanted Sounds silly now

@Chris_S Thanks for clearing it up

[quote=“NEO, post:11, topic:70614”]
you learn something new everyday
[/quote]Yes you do


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No worries, We are all here to learn.


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