hey its me taynison i am gonna do ground an tower on EDDL come and join me i wanna test my skills for IFATC test.

I’ll drop by now

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it doesnt show that i am open

neo you are going to the wrong runway

My apologies, it’s late here.

The service was very good @taynison_girigorie I was impressed!

Prompt and correct sequencing and clearance, as well as a prompt and accurate exit command left me pleaseantly surprised, trainees normally slip up on one or more of the latter. You also gave me new pattern entry instructions and a new clearance after I requested a runway change which was again excellent. (Although you could have told me to enter right downwind rather than base, as it would’ve been a very short downwind if I’d of turned then) However, you made up for it by telling me to make left traffic instead of right seeing as I was on the left runway, which again is a detail many rookies seem to miss.

I’ll also happily excuse the give way command that you corrected when you realised the other aircraft wasn’t on my side of the terminal. It was good to see you had such awareness of ground traffic though.

When is your test Taynison?

Thanks for the service!

i have my last test in 1week the written test its my last chance i hope that i will make it:D

but it was good that i told u make left traffic when u changed from runway right?

Yes, it certainly was.[quote=“taynison_girigorie, post:6, topic:75459, full:true”]
i have my last test in 1week the written test its my last chance i hope that i will make it:D

Watch the tutorials, make mental notes, keep your cool, and you’ll be fine my friend.

Still There?

ok i will i watched all tests:D and also when you went to runway 05L chris was right behind you he was following you but do i need to tell him that he is number 1 for 05R then or just leave it what is was?

yup still online;)

No, I don’t believe so. Not that I think re-sequencing would be definitively wrong either, but as far as I know it’s not really too necessary.

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ok cool thnx for the tip:)

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Feel free to ask for help if at any point you need any.

Thanks again.

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yes i will thanks man!:D

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Overall pretty good. :). Can’t think of anything that needed work :).

thanks man :)

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