GROUND @taynison_girigorie
TOWER @taynison_girigorie
20/10 October

i am gonna do tower and ground at EDDL ts2 feel free to join and i hope some people from IFATC come to so i can test my skills. put your callsign and the flight you are gonna do in comment pls so like: KLM12 EHAM-EDDL. thank you:)

I will come callsign M-AGIC. I will be doing Patterns

Don’t request approach you want to be tested. APPR only makes your job easier

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ok thnx i will edit it

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its gonna be EDDL:)

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i am gonna start loading in guys!

I’m coming, see you there!
Boeing 757-200
Any livery.

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i keep loosing connection, not sure if its my WiFi at work or what

Coming as JKF61

do NOT group/ Count traffic together for separate runways when sequencing.

Ok, Good overall however:

  • You made multiple sequencing errors as said by Tom

  • You forgot to give me pattern entry after a runway change

  • I did not get an exit runway command even thought I taxied down the whole runway waiting

  • You overuse turn base. If you are going to use it tell me that you are going to call my base. Its a bit out of the blue when you get turn base when you are level with the runway threshold and too high.

  • You gave tom an immediate takeoff when no-one was in the pattern for that runway.

why not then?

but can i let an plane land on the other runway and let an other one takeoff at the same time?

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Yes each runway is separate. At first you told me to line up and wait there was no need for that. Should I just cleared me for take off

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but when someone is landing on 05R and you are going to land on 05L i need to tell you that you need to follow the other traffic on right downwind right? otherwise you guys will turn base at the same time

No. :) Otherwise he’s gonna follow that aircraft to 05R…


oh!! thats why that other guy went to 05R when i told him to go 05L ok ok i get it so i dont need to sequence someone that is on the other side off the runway when he is landing on a different runway? and they can land at the same time and takeoff at the same time too?


Bingo. You’ve got the idea now.

2 runways → 2 patterns

@taynison_girigorie Edit:
If they are parallel they are fine at the same time
If they are crossing then you have to start planning.

ok something new i learned thanks guys for the feedback i appreciate it:)

ah ok! but how do you mean crossing then do you gotta sequence them then?

I’ll be flying around the airport vfr with the a 10