[Closed] ATC @EDDL (Training Server 2)

I’m practicing my ATC skills again.
It would be great to see some of you doing some touch’n goes! :)


Hè I have Some feedback. When I announced go around you should have said enter right/left downwind. And when you said turn right on taxiway you could also have sai hold short of runway 05R.

Really? Becuase I think I read that you don’t have to because you’re still in the pattern, @Chris_S can you help ?

You’re right, there’s no need to re-issue pattern entry intructions.

I thought there was no need too. I checked with the boss man on this scenario.

We would give an entry only because usually a go around is a termination of the pattern so you’d give the entry with sequence then clearance.

Go around, enter pattern with sequence, then clear.

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I also would do that like this 😅 Chris is right 👍🏻☝️️

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