Hello pilots!

I’ve opened ATC at EDDL in the Amsterdam region on TS1.
Feel free to join and test me by doing some patten work.
Hope to see you there, you’re invited to give me some feedback here which I would appreciate a lot :)

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Aircraft: Cessna Citation X
Callsign: Execjet 8 0 2

If needed ill give feedback during it (If its that bad)

But if not! You’ll see a full detailed report at the end ;)


Alright, challenge accepted! Do you have weather data? I haven’t any infos.

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Last Updated -
EDDL (Date: 03 Time: 2250Z)

4 Knots at a wind direction of 300*
15* C
50.00 Km visibility


Brilliant, thank you!

Just really quick…

Dont clear me until im ATLEAST on downwind… I was just started turning to get to the downwind.


Im coming back… I lost total control of my aircraft and then it just nosedived

I’m coming in a A318, AUSSIEC


Coming in as CPT-JVO in a 787 8 for some patterns


That was interesting


I’ll drop by now!


I’ll come stop by now! :)


You did splendid from what I saw! (l left earlier because of the London Terrorist Attack (Wanted to read more into it) and because IF was acting up.)

Things to fix

  • Dont clear to land if not on final or atleast on downwind.
  • You cleared me for takeoff when the other plane was just lifting off the runway (Should have told me to “Line Up And Wait”)

Sorry that I couldnt do a more detailed report but my reasons are above.

If you would like the picture of you telling me to takeoff while he was still on the runway… Contact me

Thank You, Good Day!



@Captain_Joel That was very good, nice runway change and exit commands. Brilliant job! Are you currently training for IFATC?[quote=“Balloonchaser, post:13, topic:121510”]
You cleared me for takeoff when the other plane was just lifting off the runway (Should have told me to “Line Up And Wait”)

Well not necessarily…there is what is called anticipated separation. For instance, if that aircraft was virtually off the ground departing to the north, and you were making left traffic, there’s not much of a conflict there. LUAW would waste precious time. It’s all about efficiency :)


We were both in pattern

I wasn’t observing at that point, so I can’t really comment. Just making a point :)


Thanks a lot for your feedback and participation! Well, I thought the principle was the first plane has to be airborne when the second one starts its takeoff roll. Reading back this situation this rule was given, is it?

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Thanks a lot! Yes, I’ve just passed the written test :)


Thanks a lot to everyone who have participated! If you want to share some more feedback don’t hesitate to do so. Unfortunately there were some TS trolls but well, that’s how it is… I had quite a lot of fun controlling and I hope you enjoyed the session as well. See you next time!


Here’s my feedback: CPT-JVO

Generally well done! Pattern instructions as well as landing clearances were on point.

Here are few things that didn’t go that well:

  • I crashed on ground. Make sure you keep an overview of that too! I think it was excetjet.

  • Sequencing came to late here and there. Make sure you sequence people straight away so they know who they are following so they can adjust their speed

  • One runway change didn’t go as planned (pic below)

  • I had to go around by myself twice.

    1. Excetjet almost crashed into me on final (don’t know his advisories)
    2. Excetjet was on still on the runway when I passed the threshold.
  • I said on final full stop went around and got a cleared for the option again (a little dramatic I know😂)

  • could have sent me over the runway instead of holding me short to make things more efficient. There was a ton of space

But overall good job, I know it was really busy!!
Keep up the good work.

Excetjet and I were giving you a hard time, sorry :)