(Closed) ATC @ EDDL Amsterdam Region

Tower and Ground open at Düsseldorf (EDDL) TS1. Come along and give feedback.

Thank you


On my way!

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I just closed @ KSJC, I’ll be there shortly to do some pattern work

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I’m coming see me there in my a318

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Will turn up for some pattern work as Ryanair 117

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I’ll stop by!

Great session, ground was a bit slow though. But good overall!!!

Well done. Next time space out traffic by asking for 360 as I saw a plane that was just a few hundred feet to left of my so I had to throttle up

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That was a incredibly negative comment , refrain from calling out IFC members in the future as it not helpful nor wanted on IFC. You need to also remember not everyone here has any flying experience and they are still learning , rather give constructive criticism via PM or just keep it to yourself …

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Sorry Guys for my bad controlling it was so busy. I have never experienced so much traffic.

Thanks for all the people who came.

Really appreciate it

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Great Controlling!

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