(Closed) ATC @ EDDL - Amsterdam region Düsseldorf

Tower and Ground open at Düsseldorf (EDDL ) TS1. Come along and give feedback.
Thank you

Coming on now

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Good but keep an eye on what runways to use. You sent me to an inactive runway.

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I’ll stop by in a few for a couple of patterns.

Ok so I ended my flight by mistake… LOL… anyway, I think you did really good, using rwy 05R/L but winds are very light so I assume you have your reasons.

Only thing was on my landing I crashed head on with someone not following your instructions… I am sure you knew it and just chose not to disrupt my flight because of him…

Like I said, good job!

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Really annoying, who’s this overspeed, u did really good, but that overspeed guy is spamming!

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I thank all the people who joined me. I am sorry if the runway wasn’t good. At my screen it was green so I am sorry.


I don’t know some people just grrrrrr.

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