ey my name is taynison girigorie and i am doing ATC at EBBR come and join and do some patterns;)
i hope it gets a bit busy so i can practice with the pressure:D. i wanna be an IFATC.
active runways are Runway 25R and 25L and runway 20
ATIS: EBBR 232320Z 05003KT 2900 BR FEW004 06/05 q1011 NOSIG

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Go to EBBR please

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alrighty then;)

its really quiet tonight nobody is coming;(

That a hell of weather lool

hahah yeah you can practice ILS approaches now;)

Visibility 2km wooow

hahaha yay we got an other guy flying now:D

One time right one time left plz

hahah what happened u keep losing connection haha i gotta give you clearance everytime haha


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hahah as i sad good to practice ILS approaches;)

I keep getting phone calls lol

ah hahahah ok np why did u go left traffic?XD

Lol yeah I wana tng runway 20 pleaseee

hahaha yeah you can change to 20 if u want

Well good night for today its 3am here
You know your sleepy when you land without gear
Thanks god it didnt crash

hahahahahhaha yeah its 2 AM here goodnight my friend thanks for coming!:D

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