[CLOSED] ATC Controller EGGW (London Luton) TS1

First Post here,

Live ATC Ground/ Controller at London Luton NOW :D


I’ll be there in a moment - N132KS

Would you like public or private feedback?

Both would be great! :D

I’m coming as G-JOHN in the a318

Why did you give me unable pattern work?

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  • Good hold position on ground for me as @Insertusernamehere pushed back.
  • Gave me LUAW before I requested takeoff.
  • Left after 15 minutes. Try and stay a little longer when practicing. You only cleared 3 people for takeoff.
  • In terms of this:

There was no reason to say unable pattern work. You had no limiting factors for patternwork.


I am assuming you are closed up now. When you close please put [Closed] in your title so it does not confuse people.

Could you please put closed in the title because I was just about to hop on IF to EGGW and been mad at myself.

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