[Closed] ATC Connection Issues

So I’ve noticed that after about 10 minutes of talking with ATC, my messages won’t be heard by the controller. I can hear everything he/she is saying, but my messages go unresponded. Controllers will try to hail me, both by calling on guard and repeating messages to me but I can’t talk back to them. Same goes for when I’m controlling, after 10-15 minutes of controlling, my messages go unheard by the aircraft. Driving me crazy! I’ve got solid connection, green checks in the corner. Any ideas???

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Try reinstalling Infinite Flight. This should be a one-time issue.

I’ve had the same issue controlling recently, not flying. Definetly more frustrating if you are on a long haul flight. I had to restart the app.

If I was flying and that happened I would devert, as to not interupt traffic at the controlled airport, then land, park and restart the app.

Delete Infinite Flight and reinstall it would help.

Awesome, problem solved. Thanks guys!

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Good! Please tick the post which helped you the most etc.

Happy Flying!