[Closed] ATC @ Chicago O hare (Training Server 2)

I’m doing ATC practice at O hare now. Training Server 2. C’mon now

I’d like to see how a Holding pattern works… Ill join :)

Ok. Device doesn’t work. Abort abort

What device are you using?

iPad Air 2. It’s actually my connection that is failing. Let me try again…

Im at o’hare right now.

Whenever you’re ready.

All abort the mission.
I hope I can troubleshoot it and go online again soon.

Come on now. Troubleshooting complete. I’m up and running

i’m on right now.

It is still Unicom

Wait a few minutes. Updating the region is going to be a long process

Again cancel. My internet can’t download it.

I spy with my little eyes, an American 787.

that’s me :)

Look who’s next to you.

A Delta -8

I have been staring through your soul for like 5 mins now.

I’ve been messing with my flaps :)

How about I be ATC?