[CLOSED] ATC Available @ TNCM TS1

I’m opening up on tower frequency at St. Maarten, feel free to join and land/depart or do some patterns

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On My Way!

Airlines: Copa Airlines
Callsign: Copa 231
Name: Balloonchaser NAXVA

Feedback To Improve / Did Well


  1. You dont have to keep clearing airplanes after you cleared them for #3 ( EX: “Norstar 231 number 2 cleared to land” then “Norstar 231 number 1 cleared to land”)

  2. @Everyone Ill take over ATC! Leave feedback on my thread!

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Thanks for coming, hope you enjoyed the ATC

Great ATC Service,next time trust your pilots there was no need to call my base because I was aware of the spacing,speeds on approach.


Did I sequence you or was that somebody else?

I’m reopening the ATC coverage now, feel free to join

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