Closed ATC automatically unlisted

It would be great if when an author closes an ATC practice or event, it is unlisted from the forum. There are lots of these in my New Topics category and it can be slightly annoying. Here is an example

These are just four of the many in my new topics area.

I’m sorry if this is a duplicate. I searched and couldn’t find any.



This should be talked about on the meta discourse forum found here;

In short no one on this forum controls thinks like this only the creators can make automatic changes like this. For now you can flag it for them to be unlisted

That’s true. I should probably just be unlisted by the mods

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No, this cannot be done automatically by Discourse. That is a useless suggestion.

This could only be done by the mods.


You have no idea all the plugins made on the discourse meta. We experience probably about 5% of the possible features with new plugins being made every day. So in short it could be done if someone had the time and experties

I don’t like this.

Let’s say the OP wants to control the same airport again two weeks later after making a topic about it prior. Rather than make a new one, they can simply edit their original post with the updated time and information so it gets bumped to the top. I’ve seen many people do this before. It just keeps the forum cleaner, in my opinion.


However because we are hosted, only certain common plugins are available to us, even if it is made.

Plus who would develop that out of their own time for us?

Someone who is talented with coding hint hint @Cameron. Aswell as this if this gets to be quite a big issue with us I’m sure other forums may be experiencing a similar issue and someone may make one them. I am not saying it is a huge issue by the way. And all discourse forums are hosted aren’t they

This should be requested on Discourse Meta - it makes sense and could be used.

Nathan, your idea works in theory but not so much in practicality. First, topics can only be edited for a certain amount of time. After around 90 days if I remember correctly it becomes expired and can’t be edited. Also, people reply to ATC topics and it would only confuse people if one day they open KSAN and a bunch of people reply, and then they close and a week later they open EGLL. The replies from KSAN would still be there and there isn’t really an easy way to delete the replies unless one of us does it.


How much will you pay him?

No. This is unlikely to be an issue with others. Also they may use a different format for timings, the only way to tell is through the title.

I doubt someone would code a plugin.

I am open to you bringing new suggestions?

I don’t think you understood my point.

Let’s say I open KSAN today for people to come help me train for ATC. After an hour of controlling, I title the topic as “closed.”

Two weeks later, I decided I want to control KSAN again. Versus making a new topic about it, I can simply edit the title to “open” and change all necessary time and information so it is bumped to the top of the forum topics.

So this would only work if they open the same airport. Hmm, I guess it could work.

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