[closed]ATC at STL

Have some fun at STL with tower and ground

I’ll be there for some patterns

Thank you for coming out nice landing

Should you use the ICAO for better understanding?

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I guess that’s my bad I’m sorry

Thanks for the service!

I recommend watching Tyler’s ATC Tutorial videos found here. There are multiple things you’ll need to touch up on if you want to advance further on the IFATC training path. Also check out this for more information on IFATC.

Also, when you plan to open an ATC session, make sure you have at least 30 mins to control. A common courtesy on the IFC.

Thanks again!

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Also consider the formal tracking thread title format… something like this:

[OPEN] @ KSTL | JIA_345 ATC Tracking Thread

Just change to [CLOSED] when closed 🙂

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Thank you for the feedback I really do appreciate it🙂

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No problem sir hope to fly with you again soon!

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