Hi community!

I’m ATC at PANC (Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl) on Training Server
Come and join in with the fun!
Traffic Patterns welcome…

Traffic Pattern Runway

Runway 33

Takeoff Runways

Runway 33 & 07L

Landing Runways

Runway 07R & 07L

Cargo Aircraft will takeoff runway 33.
Hevies and/or other aircraft will takeoff 07L

Thanks to all who participated!

Hello! I see you are TL2, so could you please put this in #live:atc? Thanks and I will come down soon!

Sorry, I always for get the channel…

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It’s ok, after you have closed can you use this as the main ATC thread for you? ;)

Yep, sure thing, and thanks for the help…

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what can I saaay except, you’re welcome!

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I would love to join, but im in school

You shouldn’t be typing this mate

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