I’m currenctly practicing for IFATC at Dubai Intl (OMDB) and would love to instruct any aircraft flying in the airspace. I am open as ground and tower and i’ll be open for about an hour depending on if i get any traffic. If i make any mistakes, please notify me.



Was open for an hour with little to no traffic at all lol. Will probably re-open tomorrow. Thanks

I’m now open at KRNO! Come fly!

I will join. LH CARGO 454

Alrighty! I will be open for an hour or more. Thanks

Thank you for the service. I will give you some feedback. Overall it was a good session. I liked the check tut… with speedbird, but in this situation (several traffic in the pattern) don’t use a crossing runway. Let him go to left downwind 34L.
Just keep your workload low.
Same with me. Send me to 34R instead 34L. I had to cross every single runway. The result is a higher workload for you.
Avoid to use right traffic 34L or left 35R for patterns. Left 34L or right 34R.
In the pattern keep in mind SEQUENCE, CLEAR and you’re DONE! Tyler made a tutorial for that. Try to give the pattern entry and sequence in one command. Like “FedEx enter right downwind 34R number two traffic to follow is on final” . After that clear him and you’re DONE.
If I’m cleared for the option you don’t have to give me a landing clearance again. Cleared for the option and it’s DONE. The whole runway is mine. I can vacate or lift off again, it doesn’t matter.
Just my two cents.
If you have questions, feel free to ask!
Good luck with the tests

Great job. The crosswind got me on 07 the first time around! 😥 Thanks!

I’m currently open at KTCM! Come fly! I will be open for at least an hour… if i get traffic.

Edit: I did not get a single aircraft for 30 mins so i’m closing now. :(

Sorry man if I saw this post eariler I wouldve helped out!

I can open again lol. You want to fly?

I recommend going to busier airports where traffic is present, I also recommend going to airport with 2 parallel runways. Some of my favorites are KEWR & OMDB.

Ok, I’m pretty bored so i will open ATC at OMDB right now! Thanks

Did my feedback help? Did you record the session?

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