[Closed] ATC at LFPG on Expert 🇫🇷

Title says it all. Let’s see if Paris can rack up some traffic.

@AF330 thought you would like this


Me and geography are not best friends 😂 Thanks

Hahahaha 😂😂😂 @Samuel123abc I fell off my chair … I am speedbird 32 in the A380

Coming on … Hold position

I will wait 😉

I’m on my way I’ll be Air France 13

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I am here :))

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Don’t be so stressed sir, I didn’t forget you, just waited for the guy behind you to get out of your way.


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Its okay sit …, is it okay if I fly the pattern and you moniter my landings ?

Can I do that too.

Yep, patterns are ok.

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We will have to wait and see sir @Samuel123abc responce

Roger that … Even moniter my landing sir @Samuel123abc ?

Negative. ATC doesn’t monitor landings, or at least I don’t do that.



Inbound Juliet golf 1988 fl220 west a330

You need to tell people to descend to pattern altitude if their is no centre or approach available.

Oh no…I would love to come but I am not at home now…pffff… #BadLuck

For once something was happening in Paris!!! How long will Paris remain open sir?

Take care and enjoy,

I leave that to people to decide theirselves. If you fly on the advanced, you should be competent enough to figure out when to descend to pattern altitude.

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