[Closed] ATC at KSSC on PG

Hello Infinite Flight Community,
Please come to KSSC in the Charlotte region on the Playground server and test my ATC skills by doing some flying there. I have passed the IFATC written test and am doing this to prepare for the practical test. Serious pilots are welcome. NO NIMRODS. Feedback would be most appreciated.


I will join callsign WOLFFS

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I Said remaining I the pattern so you don’t have to say enter downwind or base.

I’ll come, how is the traffic?

There is one flight. Can you also confirm the above statement or reword it.

sorry for the making the late exit runway command

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I’ll come along I’m 5 minutes. I’ll be in an A320, callsign KYLE.

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Thanks for the service

###Things to work on

  • Only use a pattern entry when changing runways or when an aircraft calls inbound.

Ok thanks for the clarification. Sorry for telling you to exit runway when you were still at that high speed.

Doesn’t really matter cause I had landed safely and was slowing down :)

Thanks for coming down. Anything else I should work on?

I didn’t test all elements of a controller due to lack of traffic/users. Will do next time.

Nothing for now

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Facility is now closed. Thank you for those that came.

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