CLOSED | ATC at KSNA, Tower and Ground! TS1!

Open ATC at Orange County! Come and fly around the airspace and be free to give feedback!

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On my way!!!


Well IF isn’t doing to best for me but from what I saw… Good job 😂

Will be there.


Watch out for noobs- you’re in SoCal territory… XD


Callsign will be JetBlue 1887


Sorry I had to go.


You never cleared me for the option. I kept telling you that I was in final so you would remember to clear me, but you never did. So I requested go around. I recommend watching the tutorials on the official YouTube site and/or reading tutorials in the #tutorials section.

Thanks for controlling!


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@SF34 Yeah sorry for not clearing you. I was busy with the 787 behind you. Sorry! I’ll try to improve!

No problem! Just giving feedback!

See you in the skies,


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