Come and do some patterns here.

coming! going to test my copilot app :-)

Hi, I was IFATC Oli H.


You started well which was nice but in the end it was a little shabby if I may say.

Firstly no sequencing what so ever. You were using base calls and extending people downwind but to clear it all up you should have just sequenced us aircraft. My suggestion is to learn the use of it → tutorials

Next, tone down on the speed calls. I heard more speed calls than clearences in the end. Only use it in desperate situations for tower.

One last thing the runway change, so I requested 10L and it was said unable which I understand due to the instersection , but when I requested 01R I was given unable as well… Please explain if I’m incorrect here but it would have been fine to send me. If your not sure on how to do this basically give a pattern instruction to direct them to the new runway than clear with a pattern entry.

There were other minor things but weren’t terribly important. In all honesty you make a good controller. Keep up the work, keep practising and have a scroll through the tutorials category!


Hi, I had a great time, I noticed a few mistakes too (I just need to clear my practical for ifatc) but that’s OK. It was really fun, thanks.

Hey I was D4711E.

Some feedback (in case you’re looking for some). I agree with everything @Skylines said.

I’d add: 01L is not the best runway for KSFO anyways, seeing as how it’s never used - there is no published approach, mainly because it is horribly steep and it would never work due to noise abatement issues ( SFO Approach/Landing For Runways: 01R/L & 10R/L - Airliners.net ) We all tried requesting a runway change but you didn’t let us for some reason.

But on the other hand, 01L was PERFECT for testing my app because my GPWS was going berserk when approaching that steep (“Pull up! Pull up!” “Glidescope!” etc.). It was fun. :-)

One other biggie was when you told the turboprop to slow down and me to speed up and told me to turn base – right into him since he was at my left beneath me, ascending! That would have been a near collision but he disconnected. Sequencing is the answer here.


@Skylines… sorry but if it was 01R it would have been okay but as you can see… your request initially for 10L and subsequently for 10R hence was unable… Thank you

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