[Closed] ATC at KONT TS1

Hello everyone,

I would like to open KONT for two hours November 14-16th at 10.00Z, this would be ground and Tower,

I have some spare time next week so would like to welcome you all along the more the merrier.

Any complaints please feel free to direct message me but just thought I would give you all the heads up plenty of time early !

Hope everyone is well :)

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How are you going to reserve it? What if someone’s already there at that time…


We cannot reserve it, if it’s occupied there’s nothing I can do, I have monitored it most mornings and it’s uncontrolled, it’s a chance I’ll have to take.

Opening now and closing at 11.00Z

Network issues at the minute with this server … apologies if there are any issues.

g’day, not sure if it’s your connection or whatever, but i requested for take off, and you haven’t acknowledged me what so ever. Also i don’t think you need to be telling Flying High to check forum for tutorials using ATC :)


I don’t have any idea what has just happened I’m getting major issues… I could see you but couldn’t communicate or hear you.

And then I’m getting several duplicate messages from other pilots, I’d already cleared them.

It was network issues I’ve signed off now, I cannot work with that at all, Internet connection is great and was same on my phone and tablet.

Apologies to anyone affected.

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Okay, that explains it! No worries mate

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I’m going to reopen at EHAM.

Server seems OK here :)

No good there either.

Sorry folks.

It seems there is a big issue right now , no one can get online on TS1 . The connection status just remains orange…


Thank you so much for this I was just about to have a look as this was so frustrating this morning.

I will be trying again tommorow :)

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Yeah , I’m lucky that I’m grade 4 so I can go on the expert server ( which works, for now ) . I feel bad for those are unable to access TS1 due to the server issue!

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Flying doesn’t seem to be a massive problem but the ATC is frustrating :(

It’ll be fixed soon :)

I’m open guys and servers running great I’ll be open for 1 hour :) please come along.

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I am coming

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Thank you for coming @Jet_Airways_995 and @LachyRobertson was a pleasure to have you.

Glad the servers held up today :)


No worries! It was pretty busy :)

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Feedback- After my go around, I was given Number 1 clearence to do the option on runway 26R while @LachyRobertson was still landing on Runway 26R

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