Come by in New York for a flight in the clouds! I will be doing patternwork. See you there!

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Come on down to KLGA!


I’ll drop by in a minute or two.

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I’m confused. Are you controlling, or just want us to fly with you?

Why an A340?

Tha a340 is awesome that’s why

Why am I tagged in this?

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Because he wants to have a nice atc session with you

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I would’ve came down but I saw this too late…

I’m not closed, I’m still open!

On playground?

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Guys, I’m closing. Thank you all! Feedback is appreciated. @CptNathanHope, why did you not follow my instructions?

Sorry I didn’t know you were doing a test, someone on slack told me to come and experience the winds.

Why’d you tell me to hold position anyway?

I wasn’t doing test.

Why’d you tell me to hold position anyway. I didn’t know it was you controlling.

Hey, thanks for the great session.

Here is a few things that I picked up on;

1.) Always be aware of where your aircraft are, and what they are doing, or could be doing. For example, I was waiting on a pretty empty frequency lined up on 04 for a good few minutes, and then had to request takeoff again. Try and make a habit of checking round your airspace if you have time.

2.) There is no need for the line up and wait command when I am the only pilot using the runway in anyway whatsoever. It’s used to expedite departures and ensure adequate spacing between aircraft. It would have been much simpler to just clear me for takeoff at that point.

3.) And on the note of takeoff off clearance, you shouldn’t have cleared me for an immediate as there wasn’t any reason to rush me since there weren’t any aircraft on (short) final. That is again only used when there is a somewhat tight gap between aircraft.

Overall, I thought that you were pretty good, and you seemed to be using sequencing effectively as well. @PlanesForLife[quote=“Patrick_U, post:5, topic:52198, full:true”]
Why an A340?

I’m here to write an article on Infinite Flight for a big website, so I’m just trying to get a taste for all the different aircraft and regions at this point. @Patrick_U [quote=“Benny87654321, post:6, topic:52198, full:true”]
Tha a340 is awesome that’s why

And that… @Benny87654321

Will you post the link here when it’s done so we can read it?

There will be some interviews, so I imagine that someone senior here will probably share it anyway. If not, notify me at the time and I’ll post it here.


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Then don’t do the A340 at KLGA please. The largest aircraft at KLGA is supposed to be a 757… @NEO