I am open at KJFK ground & tower for half an hour, probably longer. All feedback is welcome as I am really hoping to be IFATC one day.


I’ll come! The weather is gorgeous outside, so hopefully it’s the same in IF.

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Could I join in as ground?

I’m ground, so I’m afraid not.

I saw. Was wondering if you’d like the load to be lightene?

Well, that would have helped but It would better if you were tower and I could sort out the 2/3 people who were just not following instructions, but thanks for the offer anyway!

That Korean Air 747-800 had no idea what to do 😂
Good job giving him the “follow instructions” and “check forum” commands 👍

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Yeh, first he cut in line, then he entered the runway without contacting tower, then he taxi’d through grass and just stopped! Then he taxi’d back to the taxi line and just stopped then pushbacked, which confuses me because at that point he had almost triple the amount of runway needed, then I just told him to contact tower because he was probably going to request frequency change anyway considering he’s grade 1 and I cleared him for takeoff. What he should have done is wait for all aircaft in front to takeoff then he should have contacted tower himself instead of requesting frequency change then he should have waited for clearance for takeoff.

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If you’re still live as ATC, I’m joining in.

Call sign: ITU93
Plane: Cessna Citation X
Intention: frequent takeoff and land.

I’m sorry, I’m not still active. You can tell if I’m inactive because it says " [CLOSED]" In the title.

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Right. Thanks for the tip

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