[CLOSED] ATC at KEGE Tower & Ground TS1

Hello everyone,

I would just like to improve my skill as an air traffic controller so I would like to create a little session to be able to add some more practice and get feedback as I am so far confident that I know what I’m doing. laughing emoji. Please do hit me with some constructive criticism afterwards and hope to see you there!

Region & Airport: Denver, CO, KEGE (Eagle County Regional)
Server: Training Server (TS1)
Time: Now (1340Z) for approximately an hour depending on how many pilots show up.
Skill Level/Grade: I would prefer higher, more experienced pilots but as long as you know what you’re doing, please come!

Hope to see you there!


I’ll try to come for as long as I can


I am there now and will provide feedback via PM (8675309).

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