CLOSED ATC at KDEN ground & tower TS1

I will be active at KDEN for 20 minutes, ground & tower please be respectful. Please follow all ATC instructions, do not taxi through grass. Do not taxi through people etc. I appreciate all feedback.

I’m guessing TS1, Right? Just to make sure :)


I will be IFATC in a few months :)

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Are you coming? It’s a ghost town here :(

I’ll fly E170 for a regional sortie.

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I’ll take off from DEN TO ASPEN

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G’day mate,

I notice your pretty keen to join IFATC! I have a lot of feedback for you. First I recommend you watch these tutorials:

Pay attention to the tower tutorials and how a pattern works. Once you understand those basics I’ll give you feedback so you understand :) if you don’t understand certain areas on the tutorials, google it :)

PM me when you have finished watching them for feedback!

Callsign: KE-AST

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I’ve already watch every video twice on advanced tutorials and normal, I am willing to watch them all again for the best ATC I can be :)

That’s good! Effort = learning!

Keep trying to understand it all! Then contact a Scout/Trainer :)

PM me for feedback.


I contacted @Brandon_Sandstrom about a month or 2 ago, I meet every requirement except ghostings, the last time I was ghosted was about 2 weeks ago, but I fully understand all ATC instructions now and I am a confident pilot now. I know all the rules and I am a much more serious player, I just have to wait a few more weeks/months for time to lapse, then I’ll be getting my test. Meanwhile I’ll keep watching every tutorial and I’ll keep practising as ATC on TS1. That’s if people actually follow my instructions…

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Hey mate,

Just some feedback from what I’ve experienced:

  1. Decide on if you want me to make right/left traffic. Don’t tell me to “make left traffic” before I land and then a couple of seconds after I’m starting to make the turn, tell me to enter right downwind.
  2. When asking someone to pushback, tell EVERYONE which runway to expect to avoid that confusion we had when I requested for taxi clearance.
  3. No need to send so many thank you messages, just one at the end is good (in my opinion)

Either than these points, the controlling was mostly okay, good luck with joining IFATC!

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I took that as serious sarcasm… also, I told different people to taxi to different runways, one guy to 35L I think because I didn’t want him taking 5 minutes taxiing to a far away runway. I prefer telling people to taxi to the closest runway to them that is where the winds are calm for a safe as possible takeoff. I told you to make left/right traffic because I wanted to avoid collisions as much as possible, I’m pretty sure there were a few times where a couple of aircaft were so close to each other. I’m pretty sure if I remember correctly, I only sent 1 thankyou which was to the Singapore guy in the 787-10 because I told him to enter right downwind then he turned left and I said enter right downwind again and he turned right so I said thankyou, as in thankyou for following the instruction given. Thankyou for your feedback :)

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I should apologise for this, I do actually hope you get into IFATC. You’re better than the large majority of the TS1 controllers already and your willingness to learn shows potential.

And I was that Singapore 78J that you told to enter left then later right. It’s fine though I shouldn’t have done the turn so early as well.

Terribly sorry for any misconceptions that I’ve created, you really do show potential.

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Thanks for the feedback, do you want to fly together sometime?

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Sure thing, although I should warn you my timings are strange and may be cut short at any time so be warned…

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