(Closed) ATC at EHKD (Amsterdam Region) (TS1)

Come do some pattern work or jet off to anywhere else in the region. However, please do not come in an aircraft larger than the A319 or 737-700.

I’m coming N68AC


Coming, Boeing 221 Heavy

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Coming, KLM 1778

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Wait till the aircraft landing pasts me before telling me to Line up and Wait
Tell me to line up and wait after I requested takeoff, I was requesting take off(thought the guy in the C-130 would come back) when you told me to Line Up and Wait

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Thank you all for the tips and coming.

I have 1 tip:
Make use of i’ll call you base

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Thanks. I usually just say “extend downwind” and then “turn base” but I will start using that more.

I think I was in the C208 that passed you good thing you didn’t pull out.

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