(Closed) ATC at EGLL TS1

ATC open at EGLL TS1. Come and do patterns, depart out of the airspace or arrive at the airport.

I’m coming!

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Remember, after go around, give pattern entry command
( I am City 721)

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Remember, stop giving incorrect information.


Just to clear up, you shouldn’t give a pattern entry after go around. If applicable, just sequence. :) The “make right traffic” IS a pattern entry in a way.


Actually, it is my scout who said go around technically ends a pattern, so he should have reissue a pattern entry. Again, I am NOT IFATC so don’t take it seriously until I confirm it with my scout. If it is really incorrect, I sincerely apologise.

Who said it?

It was a good session… any feedback appreciated

I am no IFATC but studying to become one and I believe you are correct - a pattern entry is expected after the go around, I could be wrong, so I am curious to see what your scout says.

To my previous comment: this is a place IF cannot be 100% realistic since we haven’t got all stations open at any given time.

If you choose to do so or not, it’s not wrong anyways. IRL you would do so for VFR aircraft, but IFR would be handed off to approach and vectored back in. However, you can choose whether or not you want to based on the situation and what you think is right.

Personally I would do it for VFR aircraft, but not for IFR.

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To clear up the confusion, it used to be that we had to give a pattern entry after the go around prior to the last ATC update. The reasoning is because we didn’t have “make left/right traffic” attached in the command. Now that we do, the entry is included in there and must be given regardless. It’s easy to get confused with “then” v. “now,” which may be what your scouter could have been referring to. Easy fix.

So does the make left traffic have the same meaning as enter left downwind?

Thank you, @JoshFly8 and @Mats_Edvin_Aaro

Again, yes and no. Personally I would say it does, but it isn’t wrong to give a pattern entry, as this is standard procedure for a VFR go around… For example:

“AB-CDE go around, i say again, go around, fly runway heading, climb 6000ft. when ready join right downwind runway 12”

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More or less, as Mats mentioned. We have to keep it compact, as the example response he gave will confuse 95% of everyone on here. Left traffic of the runway is equal to that of left downwind. You’re essentially rejoining the pattern.

IFR would most likely be sent back to approach to be vectored for another try if they so chose. Some pilots just want to get down after the go around as quickly as they can, thus it depends. Communication is key.


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