Hello IFC community

I am doing Ground and Tower at EGLC (London City) .
I am new to ATC so if I mess up I hope you understand.
Please give me negative and positive feedback and tell me how I can improve.


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Thanks and see you there


I will be there! What server?

Edit: Thanks

I’ll come on over. 👌

the A319 is not too large for EGLC. Look it up. I’m cleared all the time on expert at EGLC if i have an A319 @Nick_Wing

No A319 lands at EGLC

Hmm okay then I will change aircraft

On my way in an A318 or ERJ.

I’m coming in a Flybe Dash-8.

I’ll be coming in my trusty A318!
EDIT: Never mind…

Umm you cleared me for takeoff when someone was still on the runway… I almost crashed into that person

Oops…I need to watch out for people still on the runway

also, when people are already cleared to land theres no need for them to announce final. simply say “you’re already cleared to land”

Yes. I need to get used to the buttons

You did good.

  1. The latest you should clear me for the option is on left or right base. Left or Right crosswind is ideal. Never let me get to final.
  2. You don’t need to give me a pattern entry command when I am remaining in the pattern.
  3. Good going telling that other aircraft to lineup and wait when I landed. Really expedites traffic.
  4. You sequenced me once to “number 2, traffic to follow on final” but the other two times you didn’t tell me who I was following. That can get confusing fast.
  5. You didn’t need to tell me lineup and wait. You could have just cleared me to takeoff because the other aircraft was already airborn.

Other than that, awesome. Keep practicing. 👌

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