[Closed] ATC at EGLC TS1


Tower and Ground open at London City, TS1. Come along and give feedback.



I’ll come =)

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On my way! :)

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Thanks @Ninetales @Cessna_Driver @mrpidgeon

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Im coming…

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My callsign is N99AP

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or something similar

On my way! :) (Callsign: HB-ZRH / Display Name: IFATC Adrien)


I’ll stop by!

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I really did not find any real faults in your skills.

When I did not continue taxi on my own after you told me to give way, you told me to continue taxi anyway. It is a rookie mistake to hold position after being told to give way. A “Continue Taxi” or “Check Help Pages” is appropriate, good job on that part. On a side note to this, good eye avoiding the conflict and sending me a give way!

When I requested transition, you handled it the exact way it should be handled. Approved at or above 5,000 feet. Nice job!

For pattern work, you also handled it great. Sequence if there is other aircraft in the pattern, and clear me for the option.

You sent me an on guard message when I was already on your frequency. I won’t question this, you probably had a connection problem, which happens.

You also handled the badktaxi aspect exactly as I would have. Really, great job all around!


Unprofessional + (maybe wrong) Feedback
Only minor problem:Forgot to sequence me after you told a plane to enter downwind before me.
I was the city 721 and at my second pattern, you told me to contact you because I was in an active airspace but I didn’t change my frequency. Which I assume is the server problem as you might see me not on your frequency . So I just told you again my intentions and you told me to avoid unnecessary reports. Hope you understand why I reported my position for the second time.


@Cessna_Driver @Hezz Thanks for your feedback.
I don’t know why you got “on guard” messages, I certainly don’t remember giving them, so it is probably a connection issue.

@Hezz It makes sense why you sent a report but I still had your clearance still showing up. If I’d have realised why you were giving the report again, then I wouldn’t have told you to stop sending unnecessary reports.

Also, when I send a report that I am on final full stop, you don’t need to clear me to land. It is already included with the cleared for the option. :)

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That’s good to know. :) Thanks for coming.

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Many thanks for coming!
@Ninetales @Cessna_Driver @mrpidgeon @Adrien @Boodz_G @Hezz


Be wary with that altitude.

Yes, your airspace extends to 5,000, but that doesn’t mean you should do it at 5,000. There is no point whatsoever in approving a transition at or above that altitude, as you would be above the airspace, not passing through it. Defeats the purpose of a transition. There shouldn’t be any reason to ever approve a transition that high, unless some bizarre situation with an UFO shooting lasers forces your hand.

Consider 500 feet above as your rule of thumb when approving transitions in regard to pattern traffic. People flying patterns will be conducting it as VFR, and that vertical height is the minimal separation for VFR to VFR. However, be vigilant and consider an extra safety cushion, as we’re well aware of how often pilots unknowingly violate the altitude of a basic traffic pattern. (1,000 for props, 1,500 for turbines, in AGL)

So, for example, if someone’s flying patterns at 2,000, you could just throw them a transition at 2,500. Don’t give the pilot more work than he already needs to do. If he decides to join the pattern after transitioning, then it would be a simple 1,000 foot step to conduct that maneuver, instead of diving down -3000 FPM from 5,000 feet.

Nobody doing patterns? Use your best judgement. Keep a safety height around the approach and departure ends, and be mindful of the altitude he’s already at.

@a380fan: Read this. ^


Wow, I can’t believe I never thought of that. Thanks for helping me understand that, it definitely makes more sense. I also never knew that there were pattern altitudes. So it would be around 1,500 AGL for a Cessna Citation X?

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Correct. Too many people climb to 3,000 and do a full ILS length pattern, which is ridiculous. Might as well pass yourself off to approach for that and do a radar pattern.

The Citation runs on turbines, so yes, it’d be at 1,500. Happy to help. :)


Thanks a ton. I would like your response, but I ran out of daily likes. 😂


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