[Closed] ATC at EGLC training server

ok are you coming back?

My touch and go was horrible, but when I requested to land, you cleared me for the option, and ground when I landed, I was cleared to taxi to parking, when I should been told to either hold short of the runway if a plane was landing, or cleared to back taxi on runway 27, other than that, you guys did good! 👍

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Hello! I was there a few minutes ago, and I have some feedback -

1.) When asked for clearance for landing, was cleared for a touch and go.

2.) 2 aircrafts were given number 1 clearance to land, while they were still in air.

Also, it is always preferred to sequence the aircrafts.

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ok thank you for the feedback we will look at it and see what we can do better thank you for the tips :)


Thanks, I didn’t see that you wanted to land it was my fault xD

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