[Closed] ATC at EGLC training server

please don’t be annoyed with us if we make a mistake because we are training.

I’ll be there. However, before you start, please review the feedback in your past topics. :)

yes we have read it and my brother will be doing tower so hopefully he has trained a bit this time and i will be doing ground

I have read what you have said and I feel more confident. Thanks for the tips. :)

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I might make it, Im hosting an airshow at 1700Z

If you can that be amazing. If not then maybe another time.

I will be sure to come out and fly some patterns, in 10 minutes right?
Nvm, I need to go

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hold on, ill make it

I’ll come as G-JOHN. I’ll give feedback

Thanks, I am bad at ATC xD

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I’ll be there too and give feedback.

Don’t worry, everyone started as a beginner

True true…What plane are you gonna be ?

I’ll come in an Airbus A318 BA livery

Probaly an SR22. Spawning now :)

That plane is too big for London City. Please change it.

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Alright i’ll look out for you.

I like the quick response from ground

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Nope the a318 is the biggest allowed

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Connection issues had to leave :(

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